COVID Update May 14

(This information has been updated - 05/20/21 - click HERE)

Hello DCC Family,

We look forward to worship with you on Sunday, and as we prepare we need to respond to current news on a favorite topic of all—face coverings!

On Thursday, the CDC released new mask guidance that allows fully vaccinated people to resume most activities without wearing a mask.  The governor of Oregon quickly changed the mask requirements for Oregonians to align with this new guidance.

The development of applicable regulations as it relates to our church and school continues, so we are staying alert to the news and reaching out to authorities for clarification.

For the immediate, there is no change for the school.  For this reason we will continue with a mask requirement for all persons on campus during school days in accordance with school guidance.

For our church gatherings, the new requirements mean that if you are fully vaccinated you will not be required to wear a mask or remain socially distanced from others.  For others there is no change at this time.  As the choice to vaccinate or not is an issue of personal conscience, we will be leaving your actions in this matter between you and the Holy Spirit" (click HERE to read DCC's "Biblical Guidance on the COVID Vaccine").

In light of recent COVID cases within the greater DCC family, and in deference to others, we will continue to ask people to register to attend and will maintain distancing, at least for the next 2 weeks.  With limited space, registering allows us to both prepare for those who plan to attend, and gives us an ability to follow-up with any who might be exposed to COVID in our services.  We will reevaluate whether or not it is necessary to continue those practices at that time.  We will also continue sanitization procedures as we have been practicing

Our position as the DCC leadership remains unchanged, that we are called by God’s Word to obey the authorities he has placed over us, with the only exception being when we are directly asked to disobey God (Romans 13:1-7).

We are doing our best to understand and keep up with what the authorities over us require, and to follow that in faithfulness to our commitment to obey the Word of God.  We will keep watching for changes in the guidelines and restrictions, and will adjust our response accordingly as we maintain what we believe is our Biblical obligation. 

Our trust is in God.  And because we trust Him, we trust that He will reward and honor us for our obedience to Him, expressed in our prayerful obedience to the authorities above us. 

If you would like to read the Governor's most recent statement, see

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.  

The Elder Council