Dear DCC Family - 

For many years, DCC has supported the ministry of Stelica Bularu, a pastor in Moldova who trains and encourages local pastors in and around Slobozia Mare.  On May 21, Pastor Bularu sent the following letter to the people of Damascus Community Church.  Mark Gibson provided the translation.

May 21, 2021

To the brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus in the church of Damascus,

From the Emmanuel Church of Slobozia Mare, the Republic of Moldova,

Receive our sincere greetings and blessings in Christ Jesus.

I want to thank you very much for the financial and spiritual support (in your prayers) for supporting me and my family. Through this, your service helps us to spread the Kingdom of God to other localities of our country.

          I would also like to share with you the service and activity I do with my brothers and sisters in Moldova. During the two months of April and May, we had several activities through various churches such as ordinations for ministers, weddings, and evangelistic meetings.

Another work at the level of Pentecostal Union we have a school for the preparation of new and young ministers, who after finishing this school go to plant new churches in localities where there are no churches. For this year we have 32 students.

 Another project is that where a new church is started, we buy a house that costs between 6000 and 10000 dollars, and in the future we turn it into a house of prayer. This is a cheaper and better way.

     In conclusion, we want you to continue to be with us, to support us in prayers, asking the Lord to bless the work and ministries here in Moldova. Also, in a special way I thank the Lord for you, that you are alongside of me, because you are a great blessing for us. May the Lord reward you fully.

Requests for prayer:

     1. For those who are preached the Gospel to receive the Lord.

      2. In the localities where for the first time we have entered with the proclamation of the Gospel to form a church.

With esteem and respect,

Pastor Bularu Stelian (Stelica)

If you would like more information about Stelica's ministry, please fill out a Communication Card here and write "Stelica" in the "Other Communication" section.