Our nursery is now open beginning 3/14/2021!

Our Nursery is available to children under age 3 and is located in room 211. The nursery will only be offered during the 9:30 church service on Sunday mornings. 

Each nursery worker has completed a current background check and child safety training. Approved nursery workers will be wearing a navy blue lanyard and large name badge. We maintain a 3:1 child to worker ratio and our workers will play with, care for, and lovingly interact with your child.

We do NOT change diapers. You will be paged if your son/daughter has a dirty diaper. There are diapers and wipes available for you to use. However, we can help your child use the bathroom if he/she is potty training.

Adjustments for Covid: 

  • We will NOT be allowing food at this time. Please feed your child before dropping him/her off.
  • We will be washing your child's hands with soap and water when they enter the nursery and before they are picked up.
  • Toys and large items are sanitized after service every Sunday morning with organic cleaning products. 

The nursery is a no-shoe zone. All adults and walking toddlers must wear socks or booties.

Please check-in outside the main entrance under the covered porch. Your child will be given a name label to go on your child’s back. Then you will walk your child through the main hallway and drop off your child in room 211 on the left side. You will receive a pager which will vibrate if we need you. Please turn this in when you check your child out. If you are visiting for the first time, you will be asked to fill out a registration form or you can fill out the form online before you visit!

We also have a cry/nursing room available in the prayer room. As a nursing mother, you will be able to watch the service as you nurse or cuddle with your little one with some privacy.

Please ask us if you have any questions or concerns! We are looking forward to meeting you!