• November

    • Completed the creation of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Construction Manager/General Contractor services for Phase 1 to be sent out to potential construction firms.

    • The Building on Faith Kickoff Event was postponed to Friday, December 2.

    • Design meeting with Mahlum Architects was held to review the proposed 50% Preliminary Project Description and Design Drawings for Phase 1

    • An Authorization Notice Application was presented to Clackamas County to get approval to increase wastewater flow for an upgraded septic system.

  • October

    • Mahlum Architects have provided a proposed 50% Preliminary Project Description and Design Drawings for Phase 1 of the Master Plan.

    • Kent Wallace, our capital campaign consultant, visited to work with Brian Merrell on preparations for the upcoming Building on Faith Fall Kickoff Event which will launch the public phase of our capital campaign. This event will be on Wednesday, November 16 at 6:30pm in the Gym.

    • Clackamas County reached out requesting some additional information and some slight adjustments be made to our application. Representatives with Cardno (Land Planner) and Mahlum Architects are working to address these items.

    • The Elders approved a proposal from Mahlum Architects to begin design work for Phase 1 of the Master Plan.

  • September

    • All studies, reports, and documentation required by the county for the application process have been completed.

    • The complete application was delivered to the county for review. This process typically takes several months.

    • As the silent phase of the capital campaign is winding down, planning and preparation continues for the launch of the public phase.

    • Provided a Building on Faith Video Update with exciting plans for the fall that can be viewed by clicking on this link:

    • Plans for a Fall Kickoff Event on November 16, 2022 were announced.

  • August

    • Kent Wallace, our Campaign Consultant from the Champion Group (formerly IGC), was on site to assist us with the initial planning for a tentative launch of the public phase of the capital campaign this fall. More details to come in late September-early October.

    • We are working with Cardno (Land Planner) and Mahlum Architects to review an initial draft of all the application documents required by Clackamas County, with hopes to present a final version to the county in the coming weeks.

    • Upon initial review, Cardno (land planner) has determined that we will not need to replace our entire current septic system, but instead add an additional filtration system to carry the load of our projected campus expansion.

    • We received the results of the geotechnical report completed by NV5. Based on the exploration and analysis work done, it is their recommendation that the site can be developed as proposed.

  • July

    • The geotechnical surveys by NV5 are underway and we should have the final geotechnical report by sometime next month.

    • The sale of the residential property was completed and the proceeds of the sale were added to the Building on Faith fund.

    • Elders have approved a proposal from Cardno, our land planner, to design and upgrade the current septic system in preparation for campus expansion.

    • We are beginning to plan for a tentative launch of the public phase of the capital campaign this fall. More details to come in September-October.

  • June

    • In consultation with Cardno, our land planner, we have partnered with NV5 to conduct a Geotechnical Report of our property. The process involves gathering information about the foundation of our entire campus to evaluate if infrastructure improvements may be necessary for our proposed campus expansion. This work will begin sometime on July.

    • Received proposal from Cardno for designing and upgrading current septic system in preparation for campus expansion.

    • During the course of the sales process of 20565 SE Wiese Ct, an inspection revealed the need for some required repairs for the sale to go through. Cost of these repairs will come out of the sale of the property. The sale should be finalized in mid-July and proceeds will go to the Building on Faith fund.

    • Provided a Building on Faith Video Update heading into the summer that can be viewed by clicking on this link:

  • May

    • Elders approved proposal from Cardno to guide us through the entire application process with Clackamas County. This is a thorough process that involves a number of studies and research projects over the next several months.

    • Cardno has requested that we have a Geotechnical Report completed before the rest of the Land Planning process can begin, currently receiving bids for this project.

    • Property located at 20565 SE Wiese Ct. was put on the market late in the month and immediate received a full price offer. The sale is currently pending. Proceeds of the sale will go to the Building on Faith fund.

    • Director of Development Brian Merrell continues meeting with Caleb Study participants as well as church and school staff members.

  • April

    • Received proposal from Cardno (land planner) to guide us through the entire application process with Clackamas County.

    • Hired Chris Olsen of All County Real Estate as our Real Estate Broker in the sale of the residential property located at 20565 Wiese Ct. Property will be placed on the market sometime in May. All proceeds will go to the Building on Faith fund.

    • Director of Development continues meeting with Campaign Ambassadors and Caleb Study participants inviting them to become partner with us on our Building on Faith campaign.

  • March

    • Pre-application meeting with Clackamas County was held on March 15 and went well. Continued dialogue with ODOT and DEQ will be needed before a phased master plan can be completed

    • A Current Market Analysis of the residential property located at 20565 SE Wiese Ct. was completed.

    • In an effort to be transparent, our residential property tenants were informed that a master plan may possibly effect their residency in the future.

    • Director of Development Brian Merrell continues meeting with Caleb Study participants

  • February

    • Pre-Application meeting request forms were completed and presented to Clackamas County

    • Director of Development meets with Campaign Ambassadors and begins meeting with Caleb Study participants.

    • The Elder Council reaffirms its 100% commitment to the expansion of our facilities by each member making a personal financial commitment to the capital campaign over the next 3 years.

  • January

    • The new Director of Development (fundraising), Brian Merrell joins our staff.

    • Our campaign consultant, Kent Wallace provides onsite orientation and training to the new Director of Development.

    • Matt Lewis with Cardno was hired to assist us with land use requirements and the Pre-Application process required by Clackamas County.


  • December

    • Mahlum Architects completed a conceptual phased Master Plan. It will next require a review and possible adjustments by a Land Use Planner, before it can be presented to Clackamas County.

  • November

    • Elder Council interviewed the candidate for Director of Development position.

    • Work continued with Mahlum Architects on development of a Phased Master Plan for our campus.

    • Brian Merrell hired as our new Director of Development.

    • Elder Council voted to sell the residential property located at 20565 SE Wiese Ct. as it is not contiguous to the rest of the current properties. Will be put on the market in the new year.

  • October

    • Kent Wallace from The Champion Group (formerly IGC) interviewed the candidate for the Director of Development.

    • Leadership/Personnel team interviewed the candidate for Director of Development and presented candidate to the Elder Council for review.

    • Master Plan Team began working with Abby Darcy and her team from Mahlum Architects on the creation of a phased Master Plan for our campus to be built approximately over the next 10 years.

  • September

    • Elders met with Kent Wallace to develop a strategic plan for the next 3-5 years to be used as part of the Master Planning process.

    • Kent Wallace shared a campaign update with the congregation.

    • Hired Abby Darcy of Mahlum Architects to assist us with the creation of a phased Master Plan for our property.

    • Search Team presents a potential Director of Development candidate to the Leadership/Personnel Team for review.

  • August

    • Sent Request for Proposal (RFP) out to potential architects. Proposal due by the end of the month.

    • Search team begins interviewing potential Director of Development candidates.

  • July

    • Completed the creation of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a phased master plan project to be sent out to potential architectural firms.

    • Elders scheduled a strategic planning retreat with Kent Wallace for his visit in September.

  • June

    • Kent Wallace visited to continue working on follow up to the Caleb Study and the capital campaign strategic plan. He also provided an introductory training for Elders and prospective Campaign Ambassadors.

    • Executives started interviewing potential architects to develop a phased master plan.

    • Preparing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for potential architects to present bids for phased master plan project.

  • May

    • Received final copy of the Land Survey and the Record of Survey has been filed with the county.

    • As the search for a Director of Development continues with no great success. The Elders and Kent Wallace still feel we need to move forward with plans to launch a capital campaign in the fall. With this in mind, we have developed a plan for the Executives to recruit a small group of volunteers to serve as Campaign Ambassadors to assist in the campaign process.

  • April

    • Received preliminary copy of the Record of Survey and accompanying documents from Statewide Land Surveying, Inc. Statewide will also deliver these documents to the county for review and filing purposes before a final copy will be provided. 

    • Kent Wallace (IGC) will visit to continue work on a follow up to the Caleb Study and the capital campaign strategic plan.

  • March

    • We await the survey results of DCC property, which will facilitate master planning with an architect and development of a specific phase 1 building plan. 

    • A Building on Faith update was presented to the congregation during the worship services on Sunday, March,14, 2021.

    • Due to COVID, Kent Wallace (IGC) visit to continue work on the capital campaign strategic plan rescheduled for April.

  • January/February - we completed purchase of a residential property on Wiese Court West of the DCC campus. With this property we own contiguous land to Wiese Road, which may have strategic value for future access or other purposes.


  • Mid-November - Partner with Statewide Land Surveying, Inc. to schedule a full topographic land survey

  • Early November - Title report received.  Director of Development interviews continue.

  • September-October - Director of Development Search Committee formed.  Interviewing of applicants begins.

  • Late September - Develop a Master Plan, starting with compiling a title report and researching land survey bids.

  • Late August - Start a search for a Director of Development (as advised by IGC)


  • October 25 - "What's Next?" event unites the DCC/DCS family for a time of worship and a report from Influencing Generations for Christ.  This event launches the initiation of the "Caleb Study."

Building on faith

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"But you, beloved, building yourselves up in your most holy faith..." - Jude 1:20

CLICK HERE for the latest B.O.F. updates
here for a compiled list of updates 2017-2019 (PDF)

"Building on Faith" is not about a physical building.  It means strengthening and growing in our faith, and moving in obedience to God when He directs us to go somewhere or do something, even when it doesn't look possible.  And yet, for Damascus Community Church, "Building on Faith" is also about a physical building.  

For over 30 years DCC has discussed improved facilities.  Along the way we have added the gymnasium and portable classrooms to our facilities, to both continue and expand our many ministries.  Today, we are utilizing present facilities to capacity, and find ourselves limited by inadequate space in both numbers and size of rooms.

Beginning in 2003, our discussions have focused on two key principles.  First, facilities are just that - tools to facilitate ministry.  Second, God has allowed us to be in an excellent location for serving the community of Damascus.  For this reason, we have purchased adjacent or near property, and have considered a variety of expansion options to better meet both current and anticipated needs.

In order to meet both ministry and maintenance needs to the greatest degree possible, with our input an architect developed a plan for the replacement of our current education wing. To pursue this project, we enlisted the organization Influencing Generations For Christ to interview and meet with a majority of our DCC and DCS constituents, to ascertain the level of support. While there was resounding support for the concept of facilities development, the estimated cost of the proposed building was beyond projected financial support. As a result, we have hired a survey crew to provide a full-campus survey to be used in the development of a phased master plan, with a phase 1 building to meet as many needs as possible at a more reasonable cost. Facilities development is an expensive endeavor, so please pray that God will clearly lead us forward, and be glorified as our faith grows and we see Him do more than we could ask or think.


(produced in 2017)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

"WHAT'S NEXT?" SUMMARY (11/4/19)

Background through 2017-

  • Many ideas considered, studies done, and conversations about the best way to build to facilitate the ministry the Lord has called us to as a church.

  • Responding to ministry and maintenance needs, and believing the time had come, the Elder Council (EC) concluded it is God’s will that we pursue facilities development.

  • The EC develops a concept for building, a structure to replace the current wing between the Sanctuary and the Gym.


  • Through interaction with the DCC family (church and school constituencies) by utilizing the service of Influencing Generations for Christ, we found affirmation of unity on our mission, vision, and need for building.

What’s Next? 2019- (see graphic)

  • Development of a plan to raise the needed capital to build (“Caleb Study”).

  • This will be followed by a capital campaign in two phases, leading to the building program.

Facilities Solution Plan