Book Club Opportunity for DCS/DCC 5th & 6th Grade Girls

 Sponsored & led by Mrs. Dennis

 For girls who love to read, this can be a rewarding and bonding way to share good literature.  There are so many great books for girls in this age group.

 Brief Details:

  • I would choose a book for us to independently read.
  • After about 5 weeks, we would meet at my home and discuss the book.  You can’t have book club without treats, provided by Mrs. Dennis.
  • At that time, we would choose our next book and repeat the process.
  • The girls need to be committed to reading the book.
  • Parents need to commit to providing the book for their daughter.  I will choose books that are readily available at the public library, or easily purchased online without great cost.
  • Parents will need to provide transportation.  Because of after-school sports programs, I’m planning on Saturday morning at 10:00.  Keep in mind that this will only be every 4-5 weeks.
  • Our 1st meeting will be Saturday, April 15, at 10:00.  This allows time to respond, get your hands on a copy, and read the book.



 If your daughter loves to read, please discuss this with her, consider if this fits in your family’s schedule and routines, and let me know if you are interested. 


I’m “old school,” so please respond to my email by Monday, March 6.

My email is: