Partnering with My NeighbOR as an Anchor Site

The foster care community of Oregon benefits greatly from the service of Every Child Oregon, a local organization that cares for children in the foster system and supports foster families. Initiatives under the umbrella of Every Child include Embrace Oregon and Foster Parent Night Out; many DCC members volunteer with these initiatives. As a response to the current Covid19 crisis, Every Child has launched a new initiative with the purpose of providing safe, sanitary donation sites easily accessible to foster families. “My NeighbOR serves Oregon's most vulnerable children by connecting goods and services from community members to foster families and youth in foster care.” My NeighbOR provides a safe and efficient way for willing community members to meet the tangible needs of foster families. Items often needed are groceries, diapers, gift cards and household items for children. 

The DCC Foster Care Ministry has partnered with My NeighbOR to become an Anchor Site, a location providing secure, sanitary drop off & pick up of these needed items. Anchor Sites will also have Flash Boxes and gift cards available for pick-up.

Would you like to get involved? Here are some ways that you can help support My NeighbOR and the foster community of Clackamas county:

  • Purchase a gift card(s) and mail to:  Every Child Attn: My Neighbor Gift Card – 809 N. Russell #203 PDX 97227
  • Put together a Flash Box (a large box of Family encouragement and fun items—as well as a few necessities, if they can be found) and drop off at a local Anchor Site during open hours. DCC’s Anchor Site hours will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-12pm and Sundays from 4pm-6pm. Instructions on what to include in a Flash Box at this link:
  • Sign up to meet the needs of foster families and youth in your local community: Follow this link to sign up My NeighbOR will contact you, letting you know of any needs within Clackamas county. If you volunteer to meet a need, My NeighbOR will assist with organizing a time for drop off.

Note: Please only drop off Flash Boxes or donations that have been set-up through My NeighbOR. Anchor Sites do not collect any additional donations at this time.

If you would like more information about Every Child Oregon, My NeighbOR or Anchor Sites, please go to

For additional information or assistance please contact Katelyn Pirot: