Coronavirus Update

We are happy to inform everyone that on Friday June 25, Governor Brown signed a new

COVID-related Executive Order. This order states that most of all State COVID
guidelines will be rescinded once the state reaches 70% vaccination rate or by
Wednesday, June 30, whichever comes first. (In settings like healthcare, public
transportation, and a few others, COVID guidelines will still be required for a
bit longer following federal guidance.)

So on our campus, as of Wednesday, June 30, mask mandates, capacity limits,
vaccine questions, physical distancing, COVID food prep and service guidelines,
have all been removed and the campus is now fully open again!

Although this is great news, it of course does not mean that COVID is gone.
With this in mind, we ask folks to be sensitive to those in our congregation
who may choose to continue to follow these guidelines for their own unique
health situations.

Thank you all so much for your flexibility and patience over the last 15
months. We are excited to see what God has in store for our church in this new