Afghan American Church

We praise God for a successful Easter outreach reaching about 5000 families with the gospel of Christ. Thanks for all of your participation in this endeavor. Please see below for more ways your church can partner with us this summer and share with your church members and believing friends!

Contact us at if you have any questions.


As we do our various outreaches, we give out many Bibles in different languages. We've had many churches donate Bibles to us in the past, but we are running low on our stock in many languages! We also want to add several languages to our stock that we've had people ask us for. Our current needs are for English, Spanish, Hindi, Telagu, Gujarati, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Korean, and Ukrainian New Testaments.     

* Does your church have any in a storage room collecting dust?

* Do you want to order some Bibles off our list for us or donate to the cause?

* Please click here for more details.

Backpack Drive!

What:  We are doing a school backpack drive to bless the Afghan community around the Bay Area. We’ll have a link for them to sign up for backpacks and attend our back-to-school event the first week of August.

Goal:  We would like to create 2000 backpacks to bless approximately 500 Afghan families with the love and good news of Jesus.

How:  We are looking for families, small groups, Sunday School classes and churches to pledge to fill backpacks for the Afghan community. We will buy the backpacks in bulk, and then we need you to help us fill them!

See this link for information about school supplies needed in each backpack and this link to pledge backpacks! We need all backpacks returned by July 31.

More details about volunteer opportunities for our back-to-school events soon!